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What is Scratch?

Scratch is a visual programming language that is designed primarily at children, and it encourages learning by block programming. Scratch is developed by MIT Media Lab, and is used in most parts of the world.  Programming serves to impart critical thinking and problem solving skills, all of which are essential skills for kids today. Throughout 2 days of fun-filled and energy intensive holiday classes, the students would be exposed to basic Scratch concepts.  We have coding classes for March holidays camp, June holidays, September holidays and December holidays. If you are interested in weekly classes instead of holiday camps, you can find them here!


Topics outline:

  • What is programming?  
  • Introduction to Scratch 
  • Character model and movements
  • Handling event sequences  
  • Looping and conditional statements
  • Making animated character movements
  • Design your own game!


Core Objective: March Holidays Camp

  • Providing kids with early exposure to the programming world. This is a good opportunity for your child to get their feet wet in programming with the help of experienced instructors.
  • Training kids to think more logically through solving problems. We understand that each kid is different in their way of thinking. Our course content will be tailored and adapted to maximize the learning potential each child.
  • Building confidence in kids through problem solving skills. Part of our mission is to imbue confidence in kids by exposing them to problems in manageable bits and guiding them to solve the problems themselves; this builds up their confidence in solving problems for themselves next time.
  • Getting a certificate of completion upon graduating the course!
  • Unlocking the ability to participate in Junior Scratch: Level 2 course!




March Holidays Camp March Holidays Camp
Kids between 6-9 Comfortable with
using the computer!


At the end of the course, each child will have a working demonstration of the game that they have built by themselves through the concepts learnt throughout the course! We will then ask the kids to present the game to you and let you be the judge of whether the course is effective and if you want your kids to delve deeper into the world of programming! Questions? Feel free to contact us here!😊