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We play and learn

Why should kids learn programming? Here at Syntax World, our core objective is simple. We want every child to learn the essence of programming and enjoy the process of obtaining knowledge. Our curriculum is designed to bring out the best in every child. Every child is different, and our mission is to ensure that each one of them understands our curriculum.

Why learn programming?

Programming is now a 21st century skill. It provides a range of benefits, from cultivating interest to learning, to problem solving skills, critical thinking skills and expressing creativity. In fact, we believe that it is so important that we are willing to show you where can your child learn programming for free.  We hope that we can be part of your child’s exciting journey to his/her future path of learning. To find out more, feel free to contact us. We will answer your questions for free, with no obligations.

Even our government recognize the importance of programming, and is slowly exposing it to students in batches. It is even offered as an O level subject!

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